Simon Marsden

Beyond the Wall - Zeugen In Stein

Burg Kriebstein

In my immediate surroundings the following happened. The following were shot in C.:

Farmer W., in his flat, when he refused to give his watch to a Russian soldier.

Farmer Sch., who wanted to escape. He didn't hear the shouts of the Russian soldier since he was deaf.

Burg Kriebstein
Burg Kriebstein (MA-EG-020)

Farmer K. in K., who wanted to escape as well.

Farmer H. in N., who was found in possesion of a gun.

Mayor H., who had to hand over his car - which didn't start. Sabotage.

Inspector M. in G., after they had stabbed out both of his eyes and threw him on to the manure. He had been the liaison officer between the Wehrmacht and the agrarian division. His wife jumped out of a window.

Teacher M. in Sch., because he was wearing brown trousers and long boots.

The tenant W. in L., with six other farmers of the village, who had been herded together in revenge. Previously a car full of Russian officers had been shot at by people belonging to the Volkssturm at a tank blockade. They didn't belong to our village.

Farmer R. in L., with his wife, was beaten to death with spades, because one of his three Polish workers had said: "Panje not good".

The tenant B. in B., because the Russians didn't find any spirits in his distillery. Sabotage.

Weissbuch Nr 111 (L.O.)