Simon Marsden

Follow this link to see an obituary which appeared in the Daily Telegraph. The obituary can be downloaded here.

Over the last 30 years THE MARSDEN ARCHIVE has become widely recognised as a unique picture library, containing a collection of atmospheric black and white photographs spanning over 40 years.

These stunningly beautiful images evoke the stories of the past, found in fascinating buildings and landscapes.

Simon Marsden’s extraordinary talent and dedication to his work took him worldwide in his search for historically interesting sites, where his intuitive vision would often see things which others may not. His unique way of developing his images, mostly from infrared film, convey his passion for this art form.

There are two ways of purchasing Simon’s work; either by buying the rights to reproduce an image from the Marsden Archiveclick on the link of picture library to view all the categories, or if you wish to purchase items, click on the Shop link.


To use an image for editorial, advertising or design please contact or telephone +44 (0) 7765 116384 with your picture request. We will supply you with a high resolution scan.

If you are unable to find the picture(s) you need on line please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to search out your individual requirements.

All prices are competitive and in line with other major picture libraries.

The Fee charged for the reproduction of a picture depends entirely on the nature of the use. A list of fees for most types of usage is available on request. In other cases we will give you a quotation, once we have full details of the intended use.

We will negotiate special terms if you expect to use a considerable number of pictures in a particular project. Should you wish to colour or hand — tint any of the black & white images we have no objection.

Print Sales

Original prints are available for sale through the Centre for British Photography (registered charity number 1190955). Please see their website or contact them by email with your request: