Simon Marsden

This Spectred Isle - A Journey Through Haunted England


The walls of Clifford’s Tower bleed. Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, stalks Dunstanburgh Castle carrying the mangled head that Edward II’s bungling executioner took eleven strokes to sever. The brooding towers of Reculver echo with the cries of a baby sacrificed here by the Romans.

This Spectred Isle

Believer or not, anyone visiting an historic site is bound to find the visit enhanced by the stories that cling to it. Guidebooks will tell you about the architecture, the history, and the people who lived and worked and died in these historic places. But this journey through the haunted places of England focuses on the ‘other side’ of the picture. Here you will find the legends and the mysteries, the tales of the unexplained, the fascinating stories that bring the past to life and clothe the ruins.

These stories are a journey, starting at the tip of Cornwall and ending in the far northeast, at Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island. They are a journey in time too, from the mystery of prehistoric times through to the ghosts of the Second World War. All kinds of places are here: Neolithic tombs, Roman Forts, Norman castles, Medieval abbeys, Tudor mansions and 20th century airfields. Draw back the veil and discover the ghosts of England’s haunted heritage.

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