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Schlosspark, Wörlitz

chlosspark, Wörlitz
Schlosspark , Wörlitz (MA-EG-017)

This garden paradise was the fantasy of Prince Leopold III, Friedrich Franz von Anhalt-Dessau, an enightened, progressive ruler. It was Germany's first landscape garden in the English style; the neo-classical schloss was inspired by Claremont Castle in Surrey.

Goethe visited Wörlitz in 1778 and was enchanted by its beauty, describing the park as having the character of Elysian Fields. In the same letter to Charlotte von Stein he wrote how "the gods had allowed the prince to create a dream".

Under the Communists the park was neglected, overgrown. Now the follies, temples and vistas are coming to life once more.

Simon Marsden