Simon Marsden

Beyond the Wall - Zeugen In Stein

Alte Kirche, Wolkenburg

Alte Kirche, Wolkenburg
Alte Kirche, Wolkenburg (MA-EG-063)

The day was warm. The beauty of the apple blossom on the trees was a wonder. The flowers, out in the hedgerows, the flies, bees and birds were everywhere in the spring haze. The little church high above the road we were on peeked out of the surrounding bushes and trees; we stopped and explored.

The graveyard around the church was well kept, unlike so many other churches, but inside was not so good and the chapel where the huge shield of Graf von Einsiedel lay was unkempt and derelict. The inscription read: "He was a brave soldier who was killed in Battle at Kaiserslautern. Buried at Castle Frankenstein". The heavy lead on the windows let little light through to give colour to his image. It was cold in the chapel. We left for the warmth outside.

Duncan H. McLaren